After the unprecedented triumph of Audi's last rear-wheel-drive model, the RWS, Audi has noticed that there is, in fact, a market for a rear-wheel-drive variant of their flagship supercar. The newest rear-wheel-drive car to join the Audi Sport family is the R8 LMS GT2. The LMS GT2 is most similar to the GT3 and GT4 race models however, the LMS GT2 has been created for a race class that has yet to exist. 



  • Performance tweaks
  • Larger air intakes
  • Larger rear spoiler
  • New race class for 2020

Audi Is Already Ahead of The Game by Creating a Racecar For a Class That's Yet To Exist. 

The New R8 LMS GT2

In order to comply with the SRO GT2 regulations, the LMS GT2 has dropped a few pounds, gotten a little smaller all around, but the car has gone through some minor performance tweaks. Audi Sport has managed to crank 640 horses out of that avid 5.2-Liter naturally aspirated V10. Its a marvel that the V10 is still around, and what better way to use it but in a new race car?

Audi has also stated that with some new aerodynamic improvements such as the larger rear wing, roof scoop, and enormous air intake located in the front grille, the LMS GT2 will actually have a higher top speed than the GT3 model. In doing so Audi also says that the GT2 model is more of a gentleman's racer. While the LMS GT2 is still made to annihilate competitors around the circuit, it is more of an easy car to maintain and a much easier car to get behind the wheel of. 

Although no customer cars are for sale quite yet, eventually they will be available for purchase for the steep price of $380,000. As of now, Audi plans on the official debut to be towards the end of the year. Although the GT2 race class is yet to go into action, Audi will most certainly be well prepared to take on the competition. 

What's New

  • 5.2-Liter Natural V10
  • 640 hp 
  • 550 nm of torque
  • ​123 hp per liter
  • Rear-wheel-drive
  • 7-Speed dual clutch
  • 1,350 kg (2,976 lbs)