The 2019 Ram 1500 is built for the 21st century, with its sleek styling and immense power. The Ram keeps the steel body, besides the aluminum hood and tailgate. In my opinion, the steel is better because it's stronger and more durable for the Ram 1500 Rebel. The headlights aren't fit for this truck. There is more of an aerodynamically shaped body for improved mpg. This is necessary because Ram is one of the only manufacturers who hasn't put a V6 in a truck. They stuck with the big, nasty, powerful V8 in their trucks. Ram has been known for their capabilities and durabilities. The interior of the new 1500 has been taken to a whole new level. Ram has now added multiple USB ports, wall charging outlets, more center console storage, more headroom, and the cab has even been extended a little for all models to give more room to the rear passengers.  The limited model has a lot more chrome and a luxurious interior that I'm sure of. The Ram 1500 is also going to start at the same price at around $33,000. You do get a completely restyled truck, a stylish interior that's wrapped in leather on the higher end models, and the durability of a Ram truck on the new model. Hopefully, the Rebel will get a power upgrade because of Ram really wants it to compete with the Ford Raptor it will need to bring more than just looks to the table. With the new looks though, Ram also shead nearly 100 pounds out of the truck by using a lighter frame, but the truth is that driving the truck a difference of a 100 pounds won't make a difference. Ram has added an eight-speed automatic transmission that delivers the torque in a very precise way. This helps with the Ram 1500's maximum towing capacity of 12,750. Although it is a lot, it isn't enough to compete with larger competitors such as the Ford F-150. The truck market is very competitive, and if you don't bring a lot to the table, no one is interested. Ram almost missed the mark with the new 1500. They need to add more towing capacity, offer newer technology, and offer more power for the 1500 Rebel. You can configure your Ram 1500 at   

The new Ram 1500 gets an 8/10 mainly because of its lack of updated technology, lack of power, and that there needs to be a larger towing capacity. Ram has basically used the same technology as their previous model and it just doesn't work in the technology savvy world we are in today.   

Ram 1500



 0-60                                       Top Speed                    Seating Capacity        Horsepower
7.0 Seconds  107 mph    5 People   395 Horsepower