The GMC Sierra 2500 HD has changed very much over the years. The GMC Sierra has been around forever but has changed a lot. The only thing that has somewhat stayed the same is the engine. The Sierra 2500 runs on a 6.6L 445 horsepower, 910 lb-ft of torque, diesel engine. This body style is new from 2015 so its only about two years old. This is one of my favorite body styles for the SD and HD trucks. The FordF-250,350, and 450 have very nice interiors but aren't there with the body style. The interior of the Sierra isn't the best either. The Chevrolet HD models and the Sierra HD models have the same interior and there both outdated. There are two body styles that the GMC Sierra 2500 HD comes in: 

Sierra 2500 HD: $34,190

Sierra 2500 Denali HD: $55,595

Sierra 3500 HD: $42,895  

​Sierra 3500 Denali HD: $57,895

The Denali has a honeycomb chrome grill which does look nicer on the truck but if you're using the truck for what its meant to do you probably don't want the Denali package because it is a little price and it's not worth the extra $20,000 just to beat the truck up. If you would drive this truck every day then the Denali package is definitely worth it because it has a higher grade of leather on the inside, softer suspension, and more chrome which makes the truck look better. This truck can also haul up to 15,000 pounds which is a lot. That's insane for a truck like this. Back to the interior, there isn't a lot of rear legroom. The Ford F-250 Super Duty has four inches more of legroom in the rear and that makes a world of a difference when your truck is jam-packed with people sitting in all five seats.   

​GMC Sierra HD

 0-60                                       Top Speed                Seating Capacity       Horsepower
7.0 Seconds  95 mph    5 People   445 Horsepower



The GMC Sierra 2500 HD gets a 9/10 because it's lacking in the interior. The interior is very plain and so is the Chevrolet 2500 and 3500 HD. The four inches of missing legroom in this truck may not make a big difference to you but when you have a five-person family it makes a big difference.