While We All Wish We Could Grasp Our Hands On That 1000 Horsepower Cosworth Engine, Sometimes We Need To Settle For Less. But How Much Is Not Enough. Here We Will Rank The Performance Out Of 10.  

Luxury     Technology     Performance     Quality    Value

   10/10                  10/10                      10/10                    10/10           10/10 

Without Us Rating Vehicles We Would Never Discover The Best Of The Best. Here Is How Our Rating System Works.


Quality Is Defined By How Well Put Together The Vehicle Is On The Inside And Out. Quality Of All Vehicles Will Be Ranked Out Of 10.

How It All Adds Up

How We Rate Vehicles


Although We Wish Every Car Could Offer Mercedes-Maybach Like Luxury, That's Not Always The Case. The Luxury Catagory Is Rated Out Of 10.

In The End Vehicles, Will Be Ranked Out Of 50, and You can Always Refer Back To This Scale To Discover Why. 


Value Is Not Only Measured By The Initial Price Tag Of a Vehicle But Also How Well It Will Retain Its Worth. Value Of All Vehicles Will Be Ranked Out Of 10.  


Now More Than Ever Features Such As Blind Spot Monitoring And Back Uo Cameras Are a Must Have. Here We Will Rate Out Of 10 How Well Those Systems Perform.